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Marina Smerling

You may have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’, or you may simply spend your days dreaming of a life that seems a better fit for you…
A life that feels more Authentic…
Either way, if you want things to be different, you need to take action...
There is no need to worry about your destination, or how you will get there.
As long as you are willing to do something, and willing to learn from what you do, then all your dreams become possible!
The images on this page show people who are taking action…
Are you ready to TAKE ACTION?



Andrea Fisher

It can be hard to take action when you don’t know if it will lead you to where you want to go.
The answer is to believe anyway. Believe that any Authentic action will move you toward a more Authentic life.
Be willing to believe in your dreams. Be willing to believe in you…
Be prepared to learn and your beliefs will lead you in the direction of your dreams… And remember, there is no such thing as failure… Just signposts on the road to success…
The images on this page show people who are willing to believe…
Are you ready to BELIEVE?



Mary A Davis

‘If you have ever felt there is something missing in your life, that something is probably YOU!’
It may sound simple, but if you want to lead a more Authentic life, you must be prepared to listen to your dreams...
What inspires you? What motivates you?
Many of us were told to stop dreaming at school, by our parents, and by our peers…
Where has that led? Frustration and confusion… The dreams never die. They live within us, at least until explored.
The images on this page show people who are paying attention to their dreams…
Is it time to listen to your DREAMS?


So, what is the Authentic Business Directory…

...and why should you be interested if you don’t have a business?
When we refer to ‘business’, we mean ‘what it is that you make it your business to do’!

  • Do you simply love what you do, and wish to spread the joy?
  • Do you feel that something is just ‘not right’ with the world?
  • Do you ever spend time ‘putting the world to rights’?
  • Do you have a specific vision for a better world or ways in which you can help others, animals, or the planet itself?
  • Do you already have an Authentic Business?

If you can relate to any of the above, then the Authentic Business Directory is for you!
All you need, is to be prepared to Dream, prepared to Believe in the possibility of that Dream, and willing to take Action…

So why not take action by either allowing yourself to be inspired by others, or by taking the bold step of claiming your own Dream?

…even if that is as simple as saying you are willing to make space in your life to explore the true Authentic you!

Random Listings

Lure Wishes

Lure Wishes

spiritual business owners, small business, healing, heart business, change-agents; women leaders; stress management; service professionals

Dree Beacler

Dree Beacler

upcycled clothing, jewelry

Linda Lippencott Grinde

Linda Lippencott Grinde

Acting and Script Writing Coach, Public Speaking, Perform With Confidence, Stage Fright Relief, Movement for Change

Deborah Padilla

Deborah Padilla

Holistic health practitioner, consciousness, coaching

What makes us different?

Profile you 2We hope from the info above, you have been inspired to share the unique person you are, and claim YOUR page in the Authentic Business Directory…
You may still be wondering, why the Authentic Business Directory, and not another directory… After all, there are many others out there. On the one hand you have the well-established places to share your profile and thoughts with the world, such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked in… On the other hand, there are a number of niche directories, which cover specific skills such as ‘good tradesmen’, or ‘life coaches’, or …
What we offer is a single place for the true Authentic YOU, whatever your passion or your dreams… And wherever you are on your journey.
We understand that the more you explore who you really are, the more you are likely to need support from both people who are following a similar path to you, but also from others who have the missing skills, that you may not have, and may not be interested in developing.
With the Authentic Business Directory, we hope that in time, you will be able to find everyone you could ever need…


There are many reasons why you may be searching for someone...

To find a supplier
To find Customers
To find a business partner
For inspiration
To share your wisdom and life lessons
To share your joy

By finding the missing people in your life, your every dream become possible.

So, who are you searching for today?

Share Your Passion

Beyond searching for others to help you fulfill your dreams, you may the one person that someone else is searching for.

They may be searching for your skills
Or your specific passion,
Or simply to be inspired by you

Is it time to share YOUR passion?

Share YOUR Passion

Encourage others to share their passion!

"Your best friend may be the one person I am searching for, or my best friend could be the one person you are searching for."

If we all encourage our friends to share their true authentic selves, their passion and their dreams, just imagine what connections would be possible...

"By ourselves we can make a difference... Together, we can change the world"

So, who would you love to encourage?

Tell a friend

Is this all there is?

Although we sincerely hope that the Directory will help you find anyone you could need.

You may appreciate a little more support.


If you believe your dreams truly matter, and it would be very sad if you didn't...

Then this is where the ABD Community can help.

You will find amazing people who will support you in believing in the importance of your dreams.


It won't cost you an arm and a leg!

And you can learn more here...

The ABD Community